16 Jul 2010

Lies, lies and more lies

I've just realised how much of a fibber I look by posting a blog saying that I can't eat gluten followed by two restaurant reviews in which I appear to be consuming bread, pasta, noodles... and basically anything made of wheat.

Just to clear it up (not that anyone reads this blog, so I really don't have to – but anyway...) I generally don't eat anything with gluten in, but when I'm eating out I give in to my cravings and suffer for it for the next few days. This isn't to be recommended, but it would be a pretty boring review if I just ordered risotto or a salad every time.

However, now that I am on a SERIOUS diet (yes, that needed capping up) I suspect that it'll be salads all the way. Two stone to lose in ten weeks. Can I do it? In one word... no.


  1. I read it. And I hadn't noticed until you pointed it out. You big fibber.

  2. Ha ha! Thanks Kev.

    God, that's really weird that you've read this. I imagine that no-one ever reads my blog. In fact, I suspect that you're the only one who does.