25 May 2010

Absolutely E-Resistable

I have recently discovered a wonderful new take-away ordering website called e-resistable (http://www.e-resistible.co.uk)

Now, I know that it doesn't actually take a lot of effort to go through a take-away menu, pick-up the phone to call the restaurant, then answer the door an hour later to receive your food... BUT, I think that this website is really very handy. And this is why...

It not only eliminates the marginal hassle of scribbling your order down on a piece of paper and calling the take-away restaurant, but it also enables you to peruse the menus of many different restaurants in the area (or indeed, an unfamiliar area if you're visiting friends), so that you can see which is the most tempting/cheapest/closest etc etc. So, you don't even need to keep hold of your menus anymore, which is good news if, like me, you end up stuffing them in a drawer somewhere and then have to spend a good ten minutes hunting them down every time you fancy a take-away.

I also love the fact that you can see which dishes on each of the menus are the most popular, and read reviews from previous customers. And, as if that isn't enough... many of the restaurants allow you to pay online through the website, and give you an indication of when they'll deliver.

This website has definitely found a fan in me (including on their Facebook page, where they give away discount codes each week). Give them a go!


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