13 Sep 2010

News, news and more news

This is what I do for the majority of my time on the mags... well, this and events listings.

A foray into Frome

We recently published a Bath Life spin-off entitled Frome Life... which was – can you guess? – about Frome. I was responsible for the recipe pages, news and our Frome Lives interview.

I won't post the recipes on here, because I'm not sure that the restaurants would appreciate that, but here is my interview with University of Bath lecturer and Frome photographer, John Beeching... and also one of my news pages.

28 Jul 2010

And one more.

This is my round-up of all of the goings-on in Green Park. Cheesy as a Wotsit but it does the job.

My longest feature yet...

I'm pretty much happy with this. Plus, I got to use some of mine and Will's photos in the feature (including on the cover of the mag) which is always nice. Apologies for the strange layout on this blog. Technology is not my forte.

16 Jul 2010

Lies, lies and more lies

I've just realised how much of a fibber I look by posting a blog saying that I can't eat gluten followed by two restaurant reviews in which I appear to be consuming bread, pasta, noodles... and basically anything made of wheat.

Just to clear it up (not that anyone reads this blog, so I really don't have to – but anyway...) I generally don't eat anything with gluten in, but when I'm eating out I give in to my cravings and suffer for it for the next few days. This isn't to be recommended, but it would be a pretty boring review if I just ordered risotto or a salad every time.

However, now that I am on a SERIOUS diet (yes, that needed capping up) I suspect that it'll be salads all the way. Two stone to lose in ten weeks. Can I do it? In one word... no.

2 Jul 2010

Property page example

Now, I'm not completely happy with this one, as it is a little bit gushing but unfortunately it's pretty difficult to avoid the sales speak when you're trying to make a property sound desirable. Luckily, this one is a genuinely nice house (I'd buy it if I had several hundred thousand going spare). Some of the others are, shall we say, less interesting.

1 Jul 2010

My latest restaurant review

Apologies for the smugness throughout. I'm no where near as snooty as I sound in this review...
Still, it is Baaath dahling!

Some old Computer Arts Projects writing...

And there's loads more where that came from! But don't worry... I won't put them all up.

It's strange reading these back now, because I can see that my writing style has developed quite a lot, but I'm still quite pleased with them nevertheless.

All in all, I worked on about ten issues of the magazine as a freelancer, before I jumped ship from Future.

25 May 2010

Absolutely E-Resistable

I have recently discovered a wonderful new take-away ordering website called e-resistable (http://www.e-resistible.co.uk)

Now, I know that it doesn't actually take a lot of effort to go through a take-away menu, pick-up the phone to call the restaurant, then answer the door an hour later to receive your food... BUT, I think that this website is really very handy. And this is why...

It not only eliminates the marginal hassle of scribbling your order down on a piece of paper and calling the take-away restaurant, but it also enables you to peruse the menus of many different restaurants in the area (or indeed, an unfamiliar area if you're visiting friends), so that you can see which is the most tempting/cheapest/closest etc etc. So, you don't even need to keep hold of your menus anymore, which is good news if, like me, you end up stuffing them in a drawer somewhere and then have to spend a good ten minutes hunting them down every time you fancy a take-away.

I also love the fact that you can see which dishes on each of the menus are the most popular, and read reviews from previous customers. And, as if that isn't enough... many of the restaurants allow you to pay online through the website, and give you an indication of when they'll deliver.

This website has definitely found a fan in me (including on their Facebook page, where they give away discount codes each week). Give them a go!



Okay, so it's been a while since I've posted anything. I'll put that down to my innate laziness and also the hellish hours that I've been known to work, of late.

So, here is a quick catch-up...

Work is going pretty well. The new(ish) role is challenging at times but I'm getting a lot of good experience under my belt... and more importantly, some really good features into my portfolio.

As well as my regular job title, I have now been made the editor of the guides that we produce (with my name, editor's intro and photo at the beginning of the mag). Alas, no official promotion or pay increase, but never mind. My time will come!

Anyway, here is my first restaurant review: