7 Oct 2009

Ooooh... New Job!

Finally, my attempts to break into the world of magazine journalism have started to pay off. Last Thursday I was offered the position of Magazine Assistant on Bath Life magazine. I of course accepted this role and so am due to start my new job on the 2nd of November. I'll be writing events listings, shopping guides and all that gubbins, plus a degree of production stuff too (laying out pages, subbing copy, chasing artwork). And I can't wait!

The interview process was absolutely terrifying (particularly the second interview with the MD) but the team seem lovely and very friendly. And on top of all this, my new office is less than a minute's walk from my house. This leaves me in somewhat of a quandary because prior to this momentous occasion I was quite looking forward to the prospect of moving house. Oh well, I could always limit my house search to the immediate vicinity; which luckily also happens to be the posh end of town.

Royal Crescent here I come!